BIN Checker Basics

Every card such as credit card, debit card and prepaid card that you can use to make purchases online or through other platforms has some numbers written on it. If your card has a 16 digit number, then it has a BIN number which carries useful information about the card just like the DNA carries genetic information about a person. Not all the 16 numbers on the card are called the BIN. The BIN refers to the first 6 numbers of the 16 digit numbers on the card. BIN which is abbreviated word for bank identification number plays important function today. BIN number plays important role in the control of credit card crime. If you are able to know the information contained in the card, it will help you to discover fraudulent transactions.

There are today software programs that you can use to search for BIN Pro and know the information they contain. With the software, you will be able to find out the country from where the card is issued, the bank that issued the card and the contact details of the owner of the card. When you get these pieces of information, you have to match them with the one provided by the consumer making order from your website. If there is discrepancies, it is an indication that something is wrong. You can now take strict measures to ascertain the authenticity of the order before you authorize it or decline it depending on your findings. Definitely, if you have not used this software before, you will want to known how it works.

How does a BIN checker work?

BIN checker software is designed and equipped with a system that can look up BIN automatically. You are not required to do anything except to integrate the program into your website or pay for subscription from a third party service provider. The program normally comes with a database that contains BIN list. It will on its own look up for the BIN of any consumer making payment with credit, debit or prepaid card. If the BIN is in its database, it will call it up and match the information it contains with the information provided by the customers. If they do not match, you will be alerted.

Depending on the BIN checker program you are using, the database update itself automatically. But there are some BIN checker program that does not update itself. The third party service provider will require you to purchase the update as it is released. It is good that you purchase a BIN checker with a large database because how large a database is determines the number of BIN it has.

Various brands of cards and their BIN

If you are just beginning to deal with cards such as credit cards, you may not be able to identify the type of card a person has once you see the card number. But with time, you can tell a card brand by seeing its BIN. Here are some card brands and their BIN.

MasterCard: The first two digits of a MasterCard are either 51 or 55

Visa: The BIN numbers of Visa credit or debit card normally starts with 4.

American Express: The BIN of an American Express card shortly called AMEX starts with 37.

Discover: Most of the Discover credit cards starts with 6011. There are some that start with 65.